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Training Program

Training Program

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 8am - 4:30pm
Wednesday: 10am - 4:30pm
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Michelle Vargas - Training & Education

Employee training is an integral part of strengthening and improving the workforce. Your MCCS Training Office offers a wide variety of courses to further both your personal and professional growth.


Mandatory Annual Training Courses

Employees are required to complete mandatory training on an annual fiscal and calendar year basis. Ethos, our Learning Management System, tracks all training on individual employee transcripts. Any training that is required of an employee will be reflected on their profile. Log on to your Ethos account today to review your progress. Included in your Ethos account is access to a wide variety of courses that are offered at no cost to the employee.

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Training Opportunities


Extended DISC workshops help individuals understand their behavioral styles, build upon their strengths, improve communication strategies, and expand overall performance. The Extended DISC is a highly regarded tool that is used in leadership development across many industries. There are no “good or bad” behavioral types. All types can be very successful in any position. Research shows that the best leaders are those with high levels of self-awareness, hence, the use of a tool and training opportunities such as this one. In preparation for this workshop, you will be required to complete a self-assessment.


The Change Element is based on decades of work helping organizations, large and small, change successfully. It provides practical tools, like the Change Model™, to help people understand what exactly happens during change, where they are in the process, and what they should do next. When you give everyone in your organization the tools to change, your whole organization can move faster than ever before. In a world of ever accelerating change, the ability to change can turn into a competitive advantage. This course will help employees use the Change Model to navigate change and turn it to their advantage; Predict change and prepare for it; Beat the barriers that get in the way of changing; Adjust to the change and prioritize your efforts; and Create lasting innovations.”


This course will provide an opportunity for supervisors and managers to discover their mindset and behavior with regard to developing employees, coaching employee performance, and engaging employees for "go-to" performance. Content areas that will be covered include: how to address performance problems, delegating responsibility, and how to strengthen employee performance. Specific interaction skills and action steps will be introduced to build coaching competence in participants. Strategies for conducting coaching conversations with their employees to increase performance and long-term contribution will be presented. Participants will be required to participate in small group skill practice scenarios.