MCCS 29 Palms

Arrive Alive

Arrive Alive

Program Representative
Tasha Arestizabal
Bldg. 1427 (4th & Brown Streets)


Service members call 760.368.1000 for a ride and present the card to the cab driver. Cards are issued from SgtMajs, SACOs and FROs.

Arrive Alive encourages responsible drinking; but offers an option for safe passage home. Only one card is needed for a safe return to quarters, point A to point B, regardless of the number of passengers. Trips to/from the airport or other locations or uses will not be covered by the card.

• Cards are only valid with American Cab Company**, within a 50 mile radius of the MCAGCC and Palm Springs.

• Cards must be original (no copies) and service members must present their valid CAC at the time of service. 

CCO 5101.1C - Published 14 August 2013

• **IMPORTANT** Changes under the new order are effective with ALL cards held by service members. Continue to use the cards in your wallet! The new guidelines will be in effect for all cards, new and old.


Payment Options


  1. Serivce member pays nothing at time of ride and pays 50% of fare within 30 days at 1538-R1.

  2. Service member pays 50% of fare at time of ride. No further action required.

  3. Service member fails to pay 50%; Units will be notified.

  4. After the 30 days, if the service member hasn't paid 50% of the fare, a late payment letter will be sent to the Unit.

  5. After 45 days, if payment is not received, it is delinquent. Unit Funds will be charged 75% of the fare 60 days from the date of the ride. A second letter will be sent to the Unit with the exact date Unit Funds will be charged.  

Important Tips

  • Card holders must show their military IDs.
  • Call the number on the card to avoid wrong cab service being utilized and full fare being charged.

** There are two American Cab companies operating in Palm Springs **
Verify the card will be accepted BEFORE taking a ride!
Call the phone number on the card....760-368-1000!

A tip to the driver is at the discretion of the service member. ?

Issues & Concerns

Anything on YOUR mind?

Submit complaints with details:

  • Date & time of ride or call to request ride
  • Cab number or cabbie's name or description
  • Pick-up or drop-off location

Please contact Tasha Arestizabal to address your concerns about this program.