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Substance Abuse Counseling Center

Substance Abuse Counseling Center

Bldg. 1437

Prevention & Education
Bldg. 1438

Drug Demand Reduction Coordinator
Bldg. 1437S

Monday - Friday:
7:30am - 4:30pm

Scheduled appointments only. Please call us or go to your unit SACOs to schedule an appointment. 

The Substance Abuse Counseling Center (SACC) offers educational courses which provide information on making lower-risk choices with alcohol and education on the dangers of alcohol and/or substance abuse and misuse. Intakes, screenings, and assessments are conducted by our highly-trained staff members and used to assist service members in determining the appropriate level of services or treatment to address the issues identified during their assessment. The Drug Demand Reduction Program focuses on the detection and deterrence of illicit drug use aboard the installation.

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The SACC’s prevention and education team manages the Alcohol Screening Program (ASP), offers evidence-based classes as well as classes by request on a variety of topics related to alcohol and substance use, abuse, and prevention. Our prevention team focuses on preventing the onset and development of more significant substance-related problems and can be tailored to meet any unit’s needs. Our evidenced based programs include:

Prime for Life (PFL) 4.5:  PFL 4.5 is a half day, evidence-based early intervention course offered by our certified prevention specialists. PFL 4.5 is a valuable tool for commanders to use with their units when there is concern about higher-risk substance misuse behaviors. If you are concerned about your unit due to an increase in substance misuse behaviors and trends, then please contact us to schedule a class. 

Prime for Life (PFL) 16 Hour: PFL 16.0 is a two-day, 16-hour evidence-based training course offered by our certified prevention specialists. For service members who have been involved in a DUI/DWI, alcohol-related incident, or have a more significant concern about a substance use, PFL provides tools for learning about the dangers and risks involved with alcohol misuse. PFL will also provide new skills and an increased awareness for making lower-risk decisions. Referrals to PFL 16 are made by the Substance Abuse Counseling Center’s highly-trained clinical staff. For assistance, please call one of the SACC Prevention Specialists at 760.830.7265 or 760.830.8145.


The Drug Demand Reduction Program’s (DDRP) objective is to provide resources to commands aboard the installation, provide policy updates and assist commanders with resources that provide opportunities to prevent substance use problems, which detract from unit performance and readiness. The primary goal of the DDR Program is to reduce the health and social costs to the military of illegal drug use. The DDRP provides extensive drug testing for active duty service members, education and awareness programs focused on maintaining military readiness. For any additional questions please call the Drug Demand Reeducation Coordinator. For assistance, please call 760.830.4096.


SACC‘s Outpatient Services (OP) address a service member’s needs and identify ways to achieve positive changes in alcohol or drug use behaviors. OP services provide alcohol and drug education as well as individual and/or group counseling in regularly scheduled sessions. Appearances of new issues may require referral to other treatment or agencies, such as Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP).  IOP services are designed for Marines requiring a more intensive program to assist them in achieving positive changes in alcohol or drug use behaviors in an outpatient environment.  IOP and OP services provide essential alcohol and drug education and counseling components, while allowing Marines to apply newly-acquired skills within "real world" environments.


Residential referral services are available for service members who meet the required patient placement criteria.Length of stay varies with the severity of the illness and response to treatment.