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FOCUS Project

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Families Over Coming Under Stress (FOCUS) provides resiliency training to service members and their families. FOCUS teaches practical skills to help families and couples meet the challenges of military life, including how to communicate and solve problems effectively and to successfully set goals together.

Based on more than 20 years of research, FOCUS has been designed especially for military families and couples. The program uses a series of unique tools to help all members of the family create a shared family story. Families who participate in FOCUS experience a renewed sense of confidence by recognizing their strengths, and then building on them.

In addition to individual family training, FOCUS also offers workshops to units upon request.


TeleFOCUS helps the entire family. Active Duty families and couples "meet" with a FOCUS Resilience Trainer in videoconferences to learn core resilience skills. TeleFOCUS requires access to a computer or tablet, webcam and reliable Internet. To set up an appointment or to learn more about the program, please contact TeleFOCUS Referrrals at 703.784.0189 or email today!

Communication: Getting Your Word Heard


  • Obstacles that prevent effective communication and how to overcome those obstacles
  • Strategies for becoming a better speaker and listener
  • Tools to facilitate compromise within relationships

Goal Setting: Keeping Your Family on Target


  • Steps to goal setting
  • How to set priorities, get organized, stay balanced
  • Techniques for building good family relations

Problem Solving: Problem Solving is a SNAP


  • Solution strategies for military families
  • How to identify family challenges and problem solve around them
  • Techniques for staying calm in high-pressure family situations

Emotional Regulation: Keeping Your Cool


  • Emotional awareness and regulation tools
  • Identifying current stressors
  • Strategies for thinking before acting
  • Self Care tips and Stress reduction techniques