MCCS 29 Palms

Information, Referral & Relocation Program (IR&R)

Information, Referral & Relocation Program (IR&R)

Information, Referral & Relocation Services (IR&R)

Services Include:
Welcome Aboard, Loan Lockers, Smooth Move, and Unit Sponsorship Program

Career Resource Office
Bldg. 1526

Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Point of Contact Email:

For additional information and other resources, please refer to the
P&PD Libguides, or go directly to the
IR&R Libguide page.


Information, Referral & Relocation (IR&R) Program is your best source to find information aboard MCAGCC; as well as national and in the surrounding communities. Our knowledgeable staff will answer questions and direct you to appropriate resources. They are also skilled in the tools and resources to assist with transition for inbound and outbound processes.

Information, Referral & Relocation (IR&R) Program is the primary point of contact for the clients of Marine Corps Community Services. The office has various handouts and pamphlets of military/community social and human service programs. All military personnel, DoD civilians, sponsored family members and retirees can obtain information about a myriad of services available both on base and in the local community.

Engaged or newly married couples can come to the office and receive a New Marriage Packet. The package contains a checklist and information needed to process a new family member into the military community. This includes:

  • Commuted Rations
  • Housing Rates and Options
  • Lifestyles, Insights, Networking, Knowledge and Skills (L.I.N.K.S.).
  • Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (P.R.E.P.)
  • As well as many other programs available for the couple.



  • Welcome Aboard Brief

(Download the PDF)


  • Sponsorship Training
    (*As requested*)
  • Smooth Move

(Download the PDF)


Services offered for INBOUND customers:

  • Welcome Aboard Packages (WAPs) covering the particulars of the Combat Center, the local community and other Tri-State attractions and events, are mailed to inbound service and/or family members upon request. Please check with your local RAP for details on how to request a WAP.

  • If a sponsor is requested, we will be happy to forward the request on to the gaining unit.

  • Upon arrival, Loan Lockers include kitchen supplies for eating and cooking.

  • A Welcome Aboard presentation is available* to all newly joined service members and/or family members. (*monthly or by unit request)

Services offered for OUTBOUND customers:

  • Military Homefront installations overview booklets are provided for the next duty station.

  • Loan Lockers include supplies for eating and cooking.

  • Information on Pay & Entitlements, Pre-Departure Checklists and Budgets, BAH/OHA, COLA/OCOLA, Moving Tips and Hints, etc. are available.

  • This office is available to meet with the customer one-on-one to discuss and explain, the information provided above.

  • If the customer is PCSing to an area that is not in close proximity to or supported by a military installation, the Information, Referral & Relocation (IR&R) Program can provide points of contact by way of the Chambers of Commerce, internet searches and Military OneSource liaisons.