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Personal Financial Management Program

Personal Financial Management Program

Personal Financial Management Program

Career Resource Office
Building 1526

Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

MCO 1700.37

Inspecting General Checklist

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"Knowledge + Skills + Access to Resources = Financial Capability"

PFMP provides personal financial education, training and counseling at no cost to Marines/Sailors and their families.  

The one-on-one budget counseling sessions requires the following items:

  1. List of all creditors (include all loans, lines of credit, and credit cards) with the following information:
    a. Balance due
    b. Due date
    c. Minimum monthly payment
    d. Annual percentage rate (APR)
  2. Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), other sources of income
  3. List of all bills, mortgage/rent, utilities, insurance, cell phone, Wi-Fi, streaming services, etc.
  4. Most recent bank statement and/or credit card statement


Call the PFMP office to schedule the one-on-one counseling session and to get additional information on all workshops and trainings.

For additional information, videos, and other financial resources, please refer to the PP&D Libguide.

CFS provides financial education and counseling to members of their respective units. The CFS is a 40 hour training taught by PFMP. Participants must be financially sound.


Credit Reports (pdf)

Estimating Travel Costs and Reimbursements Worksheet (pdf)

Financial Planning Worksheet Checklist (pdf)

Home Buying Information (pdf)

Military Compensation Checklist (pdf)

Renting Resources (pdf)

Financial Planning Worksheet Checklist for Deployment and Extended Absences (pdf)

Take Control of Your Auto Loan Guide (pdf)