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BES X Games

BES X Games

BES X Games

Your Lane Your Way


Your Lane Your Way has over 18 different lane environments available for you to choose from. Enjoy the awesome themed animations and graphics and change them up anytime during your bowling. Touch the YLYW logo and get the fun started!

HD Signature Grids


HD Signature Grids are customizable backgrounds behind your scoring grid. Designs can be requested ahead of time, or you can take your own photo from your console. Simply touch Background Photo and become a STAR! If another scoring environment is chosen, contact front desk to re-select Signature Grid option.

Lane Chatter



Lane Chatter allows you to exclusively chat and text with other lanes, right from your LCD console. Awesome emoticons and customizable usernames help you break the ice, meet new people and have a great social experience. Touch the Lane Chatter logo and get the party started!



YouToons! lets you become part of the game. Take different pictures at the console and watch you and your friends be transformed into hilarious characters on the screen. Choose YouToons from your Your Lane Your Way and let the fun begin.

Bowling Plus


Bowling Plus displays the top moments of the game while the action is happening, providing easy-to-understand statistics: who's leading; how much you need to score to take the lead; highest number of strokes and much more. It's like having your own personal commentator on the lanes. A new feature within Bowling Plus, Score Assist helps improve bowling skills buy familiarizing you with how to score the game. Choose Bowling Plus with Score Assist from Your Lane Your Way.


Mad Games

Character Factory


Aim of the game is to create an avatar. Starting from a neutral model, the different parts of the chararcter (body, legs, arms, head, pet) will be customized after each frame (5 frames / 5 changes). At the end of the game, all the characters are displayed together.

Monster Factory


Construct the most original and crazy monster with your best shots! Your monster takes shape as your score increases starting with its body, then the legs until the onster is complete. Build the coolest creatire and take it home! Starting froma neutral moel, the different parts of the monster (body, legs, arms, head, pet( will be customized after each frame (5 frames / 5 changes).

Bowlin' Hood


Enter the archery competition, shoot your arrows, score a bull's-eye and become the hero of the kingdom! The archery score for each shot depends on the bowling score and on the bowler level. The available skill levels are Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert. If the player scores 40 at Medium level, he will automatically be promoted to Hard (and from Hard, to Expert). If the bowler is at Easy level he will never be promoted to the next level (e.x. in the case of children, who have to remain at Easy level). 

Battle On The Lanes


Destroy the castle of the opposing player/team and you win! Play lane vs. lane or team vs. team. The number of pins you knock down determines the stones thrown and the amount of damage done to the opponents. The more the bowler is expert, the less his stone is powerful. The available skill levels are Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert. To win, the team has to score 35 points x player number. A team with 2 players has to score 70, a team with 3 players has to score 105, etc. Let the battle begin!